Getting started


To install Gravity, simply execute the commands given below. It should make two executables: the compiler itself and test runner.

	git clone
	cd gravity

If you want to access the gravity compiler globally just add it to your PATH!

You can also use the Xcode project to create the gravity or unittest executables.

Configure your editor

Programming is way more enjoyable when you have the right tools! That's why we equipped several code editors with Gravity support! Just click on your favourite editor and configure it accordingly:

Command line

To view all possible flags you can run the command below:

	./gravity --help

To compile a gravity file to a exec.json executable:

	./gravity -c myfile.gravity -o exec.json

To execute a precompiled json executable file:

	./gravity -x exec.json

To directly execute a gravity file (without first serializing it to json):

	./gravity myfile.gravity

Unit Tests

You can run unit tests by providing a path to a folder containing all tests:

	./unittest path_to_test_folder

You should obtain an output like: